Monday, August 4, 2014

MSNBC Guest : Muslims Became Anti Semitic After U.S. Took Side of Israel, and Not Before

MSNBC Guest: Islamic World Didn’t Become Anti-Semitic Until America Sided With Jews…
[From Weasel Zippers ed]
Errr, someone hand this dolt a copy of the Koran and highlight some of the countless anti-Semitic passages.

Published on Aug 2, 2014
In a pretty remarkable sleight of logic, MSNBC contributor Hillary Mann Leverett amazingly used the existence of Jewish kosher restaurants in Iran as an intellectual trampoline to catapult herself, the 3 other contributors, and their ten viewers into an amazing conclusion - the Middle East never had a history of anti-Semitism until America sided with Israel in 1967. 

She continues to explain that really it was never as bad European anti-Semitism, which was racial in nature. I have to believe that she has the Progressive definition of "racist" - only white people can be racist. And of course she ignores the theological bigotry against Jews and Christians that finds its source in the Koran. For some reason all of this escapes Leverett - almost as if she's just trying to blame whitey and America by denying key historical facts.

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