Friday, August 8, 2014

NJ Policeman Resigns After Refusing To Act Because of Obama's Lawlessness

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Richard Recine's 36-year career as a police officer came crashing down this week after he was caught on camera saying police do not have to follow the Constitution because President Barack Obama doesn't either.
On Thursday, Recine — who had retired from the Franklin police force in 2006 and was working part time here as a special police officer — submitted his resignation.
"I don't want to give a black eye to law enforcement," Recine, 59, said Thursday in an exclusive interview with "People are saying some really nasty stuff about cops. I don't want all officers painted with the same brush."

N.J. cop in Obama rant speaks out and resigns
Sergio Bichao, @sbichao
5:06 p.m. EDT August 7, 2014

Published on Aug 5, 2014
This is the entire tape of what happened when Mr. Steve Wronko went to investigate problems with the Helmetta Animal Shelter. This video was made by a 13 year old child whose voice is heard at the end of the tape.

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