Friday, August 15, 2014

Wisconsin Sheriff Re-Elected Contrary To Bloomberg's Efforts

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Fresh off his victory in Wednesday's primary, pro-gun rights incumbent sheriff of Milwaukee County, David Clarke, Jr. appeared on Fox News' "Fox & Friends" to fire back at former New York City mayor and gun control advocate Michael Bloomberg.
Bloomberg's Independence USA super PAC spent $150,000 to air a series of television ads targeting Clarke's conservative pro-gun policies. But according to Clarke, Bloomberg's efforts to influence the election backfired.
"He came in and thought he could spread a few hundred thousand dollars around to take a prized catch away that he could march around the country with in his failed crusade -- his anti-gun crusade -- and he could hold me up as an example of what might happen to others if they don't get on board with him," Clarke said. "But that didn't work here. The public was actually turned off by it."

Pro-gun rights Milwaukee sheriff: 'Bloomberg made a huge miscalculation'
Published August 14, 2014

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