Sunday, August 3, 2014

Somerville, MA Marine Needs Help To Move Local Government To Make Street Repairs

Walking along Morrison Avenue in Somerville near Davis Square I noticed this interesting sign on Newberne Street. It indicates that a resident citizen is having trouble getting services from his elected officials. A neighbor explained that the man, Kevin Merrill (his name is written on the sign [image below]) is upset because the street gets flooded after a heavy rain. The floods  bring trash and vermin which creates health hazards. While we were speaking Mr. Merrill appeared with pictures of the street when it gets flooded. I suggested if city officials do not respond to his petitions maybe some media attention would help. Thus I am posting this and sending it along to local journalists who may be moved to assist this U.S. Marine and taxpayer. 

The sign reads "Due to incompetent contractors and city inspectors I apologize for inconvenience."

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