Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Cambridge MA Role Models 4

At about midnight on August 31, 2007 two Harvard Real Estate Facilities Maintenance trucks were parked in a bus stop at the intersection of Broadway and Quincy Street. This is not atypical. Harvard's employees and their contractors ignore laws and ordinances because of their great wealth and prestige. What are they teaching their students? New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is a Harvard lawyer.
State Senate Republicans allege that "top Spitzer aides [used] the State Police to gather information designed to damage or destroy" State Senator Joe Bruno. (Fredric U. Dicker, "Joe set to sic probers on gov," New York Post, September 3, 2007, page 8) If the broken window theory of policing applies to humans, and politicians and Harvard employees claim to be human perhaps there are more serious crimes being committed by these wrongdoers.

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