Friday, September 7, 2007

MA State Senate Panel (1 of 5) Sep 6 2007

On September 6, 2007 the Cambridge MA City Democratic Committee sponsored a candidate panel for the Essex Middlesex Suffolk state senate special election. The moderator was Scott Harshbarger, former MA Attorney General and former Chairman of Common Cause.
Four candidates participated: Anthony Galluccio, Cambridge City Councilor, former Mayor; Tim Flaherty, Private Attorney; Paul Nowicki, Chelsea, MA City Council President; and Jeff Ross, Private Attorney. This 8 minute clip shows their opening statements and a brief bear hug.
Harshbarger and Flaherty said that the panel was "For you" (the voter), "not them" (the candidiates). Nonetheless there were two bottled water deliveries by Larry the water guy and none for the voters. 12 front row seats were reserved for VIPs, who never appeared. Other public officials who attended were introduced by Harshbarger, Nowicki and Flaherty. No ordinary citizen voters were mentioned. The Premier Observer of Cambridge politics makes a cameo appearance.
This is part one of five clips. See also the two clips from the August 16, 2007 Progressive Democrats panel.

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