Wednesday, September 26, 2007

September 24 2007 Roy Bercaw at Cambridge City Council

Speaking as the High Priest of the Mid Cambridge Chapter of the Holier Than Thou League of Cambridge, Roy Bercaw asks why the City Council needs any more rules. The council does not know the rules now. They know only one rule, how to suspend the rules. They need no more.
He questions why the City Council holds its Oct. 1st meeting at a Harvard building. He points out that Harvard University police abuse their power as the Cambridge police do for political and personal reasons. Only Harvard has a list of undesirable persons who are barred from their property. The Open Meetings Law requires that any person who wants to attend a public meeting of a governmental body must be allowed to attend. By having the meeting on Harvard propety the City Council prevents some people from attending.
Bercaw proposes giving all drivers tranquilizers for traffic calming. It is cheaper he says than redoing the streets.

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