Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dr Heinz Fischer Austrian President Visits Harvard University

On Thursday September 27, 2007, Dr. Heinz Fischer, President of Austria visited Harvard University. The Cambridge City Police provided a motorcycle escort as his motorcade neared Harvard. A state Police car followed four secret service vehicles to 20 Quincy Street where the Harvard University Faculty Club and the Barker Center is.
Five Cambridge motorcycle officers and one Cambridge patrol car were on the scene. At about 7:00 PM the four secret service cars were blocking one lane of Quincy Street. MBTA buses and Harvard shuttle buses squeezed slowly through the one open lane.
This is Cambridge taxpayer funds at work protecting Harvard University's guests. When I called to verify that it was Dr. Heinz Fischer who was visiting, the Cambridge police dispatcher referred me to Harvard University Police, though no Harvard police were on the scene. When I called to the Cambridge police Shift Commander the desk sergeant told me that he was doing an investigation. She transferred me to the voice mail ( which was full) of the traffic department. The Harvard police dispatcher said, "I guess so." When he asked my name he grunted as if he knew me. I did not have to ask him, "Do you know who I am?"

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