Tuesday, August 13, 2013

FBI Unable to Find Violent Serial Murderers Without Giving Immunity to Informants

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Martorano was the catalyst. If he doesn’t step forward in 1998 and start talking about the murders, this day might have never arrived. Once Martorano vanished from “the pod” in Plymouth, it wasn’t long before Kevin “Two” Weeks started telling where the bodies were buried, literally.

What does that say about the competency of the FBI? Or is it the corruption of the FBI? The FBI knew what was going on as well as a few local police, state police and politicians. How many prosecutors and US Attorneys knew? The Speaker of the US House of Representatives helped Bulger avoid abuses in prisons. The Director of the FBI was in on it. The entire trial and the many news articles show that there is a very limited ability to comprehend the depth of the corruption of the government. Why have so few persons recognized the pervasive corruption in police departments and FBI offices? The Mollen Commission in New York recognized that constant  scrutiny of police is needed. The FBI has more abuses of power, and there is no scrutiny of that known den of corruption.

No one was watching Bulger, Martorano, Weeks, and Flemmi. No police, not even their crime family rivals, or Communists. Yet in Cambridge, MA, for the past 17 years local police, Harvard University campus cops, Communists, and government psychologists took turns conducting non stop surveillance, harassment, provocations, insults, ridicule and humiliation of a now 70-year-old white male who all of the above-mentioned groups say has a disability. It shows that police love to target vulnerable persons, but fear focusing on known violent criminals. The Massachusetts economy is dominated by education. Harvard University dominates education. What role does Harvard University faculty experts play in setting public safety priorities for the state and especially for Cambridge, on property owned and operated by the President and Fellows of Harvard College? 


Carr: Johnny Martorano’s move got ball rolling
Tuesday, August 13, 2013
By: Howie Carr
Boston Herald

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