Thursday, August 15, 2013

Black Gangs Attack White People In New Haven, Host City of Yale University

Brooks Macquarrie sits bloodied on a New Haven, Conn., street in the aftermath of an attack.

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Two black people were identified riding away on the scooter.
Car or no car, police and local media are working overtime to convince residents that race had nothing to do with this – or other – black mob violence in the area.
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New Haven is the scene of regular and intense episodes of black mob violence directed at non-black people.
Editors are fond of saying that because no one carried a sign, or uttered racial slurs, or issued a press release, that means there is no evidence the violence is race-related.
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One week after the Macquarrie beat down, an elderly New Haven jogger received similar treatment at the hands of a black mob at a local park in an upscale neighborhood.
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But they did break his arm. Which is worse that what happened to another jogger in “an eerily similar attack in the same location” July 21. Also worse than what happened to a New Haven “female security officer that was attacked by a group of teens” on her way to work in July.
None of these attacks was listed in the reports police issue to media and neighborhood groups.
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New Haven police may not admit who is responsible for the violence, but they are quite certain about how to stop it: Don’t wear headphones while jogging. And don’t go outside anywhere where violence might happen. Which is pretty much everywhere from the worst to the best neighborhoods in this in this Yale University college town.
At least one resident of New Haven figured it out in the readers’ comments section of the New Haven Register: “If they don’t know what happened, how do they know it is not race related?”
Especially since all the mobs are black. And most of the victims are not.
[. . .]
In October, two doctors in a Yale residency program were attacked by a black mob of “20 teens.” One of the doctors had his ear sliced off. “The group did not steal anything from him.” But the black mob did steal the phone and purse of his companion, reported the New Haven Independent.
[. . .]
The paper does not report that mobs were black. Though readers and others in New Haven do.

White man left bloodied near Yale University
Colin Flaherty
August 14, 2013

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