Monday, August 5, 2013

FBI Informant Trial For Homicides Goes to Jury

Max Robbins a TV writer at the Paley Center for Media, appears each Monday on the Howie Carr radio show in Boston. On Monday August 5, 2013 at about 6:20 PM they discussed the end of the trial in Boston US Court of James Bulger. He is accused of 19 homicides and other crimes. Bulger led the Boston Irish American crime family in Boston for 30 years until January 1995 when he became a fugitive for 16 years. He was captured in Santa Monica CA. Howie Carr and Robbins agreed that Bulger was "a cancer" on society. Robbins added, "Finally it's over."

Here is a flaw in how journalists think, speak and write. Police and government corruption is a problem now. It has always been a problem, and always will be. Humans who get power are seldom to be trusted with it. As the Mollen Commission in NYC which investigated the NYPD said, what is needed is constant scrutiny. Not some scrutiny and when corruption is exposed scrutiny stops. It can never stop. Carr played a role in focusing attention on FBI corruption. Dan Rea, an attorney and journalist, played a major role in exposing FBI corruption. But that does not mean that there is no more. Only one FBI agent was prosecuted. No police officers in Massachusetts, no state police, and more importantly no state or US prosecutors. Are we to believe that no government lawyers knew about all of the corruption? That is nonsense. Where is the constant scrutiny that is needed? It is in a coma. These and other journalists celebrated the trial. But I agree with the defendant, the trial is a sham. Without a thorough cleansing of the cess pool of police and FBI in Massachusetts there is no reason to trust the police, the FBI or the court system.

Carr: Whitey Bulger saga headed to final chapter
Monday, August 5, 2013
By: Laurel J. Sweet
Boston Herald

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Eagan: Questions for FBI will linger following Whitey Bulger trial
Sunday, August 4, 2013
By: Margery Eagan
Boston Herald

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