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Son of Red Sox Announcer Brutally Murders Mother of His 4-year-old Daughter

Posted August 16, 2013 4:11 PM ET: Last updated August 20, 2013 1:55 AM ET

Jennifer Martel and daughter Arianna Remy

Here's one more charming young man who took time from his busy schedule to use a knife to slash his girlfriend to death. He was the father of a 4-year-old daughter with this young  lady. No one was watching this son of a famous Red Sox announcer. No police, no crime families, no Communists, no Harvard University campus cops or building superintendents.  But the public safety priorities in nearby Cambridge MA has all of the above police agencies taking turns harassing a 70-year-old white male who they all say has a disability. They conduct 24/7/365 surveillance and character assassination.

August 2013 began with lawyers working for the FBI directing this 42-year program of criminal surveillance and harassment. The highest levels of Harvard University are reportedly protecting this criminal enterprise. The criminals target a man who was used to fight organized crime for 15 years without compensation by the criminals in the FBI. For the past 27 years five crime families took turns harassing the same 70-year-old. Local, state and US officials who are paid to protect vulnerable persons join in repeating character assassination and harassment. Communists from  New York have replaced Communists from Georgia and Massachusetts to lead the abuses directed by lawyers who stir up controversies. Lawyers did the same thing in New Jersey from 1983 to 1988, after locking out the same man from his premises even though his rent was paid. They wasted 5 years of his life then in state and US courts, tampering with the court system. Now they try once again to stir up controversies, knowing that the courts are more corrupt in Massachusetts than they are in New Jersey.

The criminal campaign is conducted on property owned and operated by the President and Fellows of Harvard College. It is reported that Columbia University affiliated lawyers have joined the campaign. These lawyers conduct the exact same pattern of harassment using young women as bait. When I do not go for that bait they use young men as bait. The lawyers also try to repeat a police frame-up in 1990, when Cambridge and Somerville police teamed up to have me arrested after I wrote letters complaining about police harassment then. Seven assigned lawyers who worked for the police were paid to not put on a defense. One judge threatened me if I got on the stand and testified to what happened to me, he would have me incarcerated in a mental hospital. Another judge refused to appoint any more lawyers.  The daily harassment by New York Communists includes but is not limited to disturbing my sleep every hour or two hours. That can be attempted homicide. Sleep disturbances cause heart attacks and strokes. But I have no domestic violence order against me as this charming young man who murdered his girlfriend had. After stabbing her multiple times he is being held without bail; one day after being released with no bail for beating his girlfriend. I write and used to make videos complaining about FBI and police harassment. 
The dedicated police criminals employed by liberal lawyers enjoy tampering with my home computer, more felonies. On Friday, August 16, 2013 one delightful black racist police employee caused my home computer to crash 24 times within 90 minutes. It is a new record. They usually give up after 16 crashes and one hour of tampering. It is one of their favorite methods of harassment every day. They know that in Cambridge MA and especially at Harvard University, laws are optional. Inconvenient laws can be ignored. If some misguided citizen like the 70-year-old complains Harvard University affiliates are in place in the state and US courts to divert any enforcement away from Harvard. 

The District Attorney who appears in the below video clip refused to stop this criminal police harassment. When I spoke with her, she was the chief of the elder abuse unit for the DA. She told me then, the DA's office was too busy with homicides to address domestic abuses that I complained about. That was after the Massachusetts elder abuse agency asked me if I could prove that I was not mentally ill.  

The object of computer tampering is to prevent my simple writing on this blog. I'm told by Harvard University affiliated lawyers, "No one reads your blog." So why not let me write if no one reads it? Interfering with a constitutionally protected right, i.e., expression, is another felony under Massachusetts state law. It does not matter whether the person is acting under color of law. But these are lawyers and Communists employed by lawyers. Again, laws in Cambridge and at Harvard University are optional. What part of optional do you not understand? 

It is usually black racist police criminals, man hating feminist lesbians, and homosexuals who do the detail work. At present it is reportedly a white woman who works for black racist Harvard University campus police. They are retaliating for historical abuse (and for Trayvon Martin?) by white men who have been dead for 100 years. But alas I am still alive so they target me. All white men are racists is their mantra. White women who refuse to have sex with black men or women are also racist. I used to defend black people until 1979 when they began  a 30-year program of relentless insults calling me a racist. It is an efficient way to lose friends and supporters, and to make enemies out of friends. Lawyers need no help in making critics out of ordinary humans. They call others depraved and show they are worse than the people they criticize. 


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Sunday, August 18, 2013
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Jennifer Martel and daughter Arianna Remy
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