Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Salem State College Police Declare Martial Law

Timothy Wells, Suspect in Salem State Violence Which Caused Police to Declare Martial Law. 

Have all rational adult government officials left Massachusetts? Is there at least some irrational adults with common sense? Two people, stabbed with non life threatening injuries are cause for martial law? It appears that not only Harvard University and Cambridge MA gave up freedom for security. This indicates that Salem State Çollege and the City of Salem also joined the program. Was the precedent for this abuse of police power, the declaration of martial law by the misguided economically oriented Harvard University created Governor? Instead of allowing the control-freak, police-state promoting arm chair generals at Harvard University to take freedom for every minor instance of violence maybe someone could invite some rational adults with real world experience back into the state. Not even Chicago with its high murder rate has martial law declarations. Have misguided academic geniuses with no common sense taken control of all cities and towns and police agencies in this curious state?

Salem State lifts lockdown after stabbings
Timothy Wells
Wednesday, September 25, 2013
By: Gary J. Remal
Boston Herald

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