Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thoughtful Married Man Murders Mistress, Repeatedly Tells Wife, Threatens To Kill Wife If She Tells Police

Robert "Robbie" Walters and Brittney Brashers

This thoughtful young man murdered a young lady who loved him and trusted him. Even after he beat her. He was married to another young lady who also loved and trusted him. He threatened to kill his wife after he repeatedly admitted to her that he killed the young Air Force woman he met in Iraq. No one was watching this young man who was upset that his mistress posed topless for her football team. No police, no crime families, no Communists, no Harvard University campus cops, building superintendents or lawyers. He was not of interest to the control freaks who operate in and around property owned and operated by the President and Fellows of Harvard College in Cambridge MA. In and around hallowed Harvard land, public safety priorities are a bit misguided. In Cambridge local police, campus cops, crime families, Communists and lawyers take turns conducting surveillance, harassment, ridicule, humiliation, character assassination, sleep disturbances, computer tampering, and other forms of love toward a 70-year-old white male who they all say is disabled. The Human Services Industrial Complex in Massachusetts (MA State Rep. Marie Parente's term), funded by $2 billion in taxpayer funds each year, refused to act to curb many years of criminal abuses. In fact they use the allegation, the perception of disability to justify the criminal enterprise. Police resources and civilian diligence is intentionally misdirected in order to allow sociopaths like Robert Walters to murder women. See also recent homicides in Boston area by Jared Remy 


and Edwin Alemany 


no one was watching either of them. Both had extensive police files for violence against women. 


Was young Airman's death a tragic accident or murder?

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