Friday, September 27, 2013

Columbia University Boston Alumni Celebration, September 26, 2013

Columbia University Alumni Association of Boston held a pub night to celebrate Thursday, September 26, 2013. The reason for the celebration was not revealed but few grads raised the question at Doyle's Restaurant in Kendall Square Cambridge, MA. Prominent persons who celebrate(d) their birthday on September 26th include but are not limited to:

Andrea Dworkin, Feminist Activist
Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona
T. S. Eliot, Poet
Jack LaLanne, who marketed a power juicer, as part of promoting healthier living.
Olivia Newton-John, Singer
George Gershwin, Songwriter 
George Raft, Actor Friend of Las Vegas Builder, Ben Siegel
Pope Paul VI
Johnny Appleseed

One visitor made repeated trips to the "restrooms" with multiple plates of food and reappeared with a fuller back pack. It was not reported if this was an actual alumni or a pretender. One "grad" solicited investors in his multi-level investment group. One elder objected to being photographed. He exposed his academic affiliation saying "It's inappropriate." Not wanting to be "inappropriate" I stopped early capturing images. These are the few which are identifiable.

Past President Columbia University Club of New England, now called Columbia University Alumni Association of Boson, John Mullervy (left)

President of Columbia University Alumni Association of Boston, Stephen Kane

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