Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Serial Philadelphia Rapist Acquitted at Two Trials for Rape of Ten Women; Convicted in Idaho for Rape

In April 2005, Jeffrey Marsalis was arrested and charged with multiple counts of rape. Philadelphia police said he had been using an online profile to meet women whom he would date, drug and rape. This story originally aired on ABC News "20/20" on July 15, 2009. Tune in for an encore presentation of the Jeffrey Marsalis story on Friday, Aug. 30, 2013 at 10 p.m. ET

This charming considerate Philadelphia man posed as a CIA agent, a NASA astronaut, a hitman, a doctor, and other professionals in order to seduce women. To ensure his sexual successes he drugged his dates into unconsciousness. He was charged with ten rapes at two trials in Philadelphia. He was acquitted both times. Awaiting the start of his second trial he traveled to Idaho where he worked as a security guard at a condominium complex. He raped another woman there. He was arrested and convicted at that trial and received a life sentence.

During his career as a serial rapist in The City of Brotherly Love, no one was watching him. Not even the women he raped, many of whom continued to date him after he drugged them and raped them. No police, no crime families, no Communists, no Harvard University campus cops, building superintendents or lawyers. He was free to continue his public service revealing to women how depraved some people are, and how naive others are. But in Cambridge MA, host city of Harvard University, MIT and Lesley University local police, Harvard University campus cops, FBI informants, Communists, take turns conducting relentless surveillance, harassment, ridicule, humiliation, character assassination, sleep disturbances, computer tampering, and other forms of love and compassion toward a 70-year-old white male who they all say is disabled. The same man was used by the FBI to fight organized crime for 15 years. They did not pay him one cent, but coordinated a campaign allowing five crime families to take turns attacking him for 22 years as retaliation. Much of this was conducted on property owned and operated by the President and Fellows of Harvard College, reportedly with the knowledge and consent of the highest levels of that august University. Massachusetts taxpayers fund the state's Human Services Industrial Complex (MA State Rep. Marie Parente's term) with $2 billion each year. They do not protect but exploit the people they are paid to assist. It is how they do things in Massachusetts as one prominent Harvard Law School lawyer told me.

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Accused Serial Rapist Casts His Net
20/20 ABC News
Long-term girlfriend of Jeffrey Marsalis recalls his unexplained disappearances.
05:18 | 07/15/2009

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