Sunday, October 6, 2013

Prophets Are Not Tolerated By Psychiatrists

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Law enforcement sources confirmed to Orr Friday that Miriam Carey, 34, a licensed dental hygienist of Stamford, Conn., told police in December that she was a prophet, that President Obama would place the city of Stamford under a "lockdown" and that he had her and her residence under electronic surveillance.

If Galileo, St. Bruno, Copernicus, Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius lived today they would all be sent for evaluations. Psychiatric illnesses are speech and behavior, protected by the US Constitution which psychiatrists do not like or do not believe. It is a lucrative fake discipline promoted by 100 years of propaganda, used to waste taxpayer funds, and to take freedom without due process. It is a marketing operation for the pharmaceutical industry.

Updated Oct. 5, 2013, 1:56 a.m. ET
CBS NEWS/ October 5, 2013, 1:56 AM
Miriam Carey, identified Capitol Hill car chase driver, was taken for mental-health evaluation

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