Saturday, October 26, 2013

Some Laws Are Established, Others Disestablished?

Wait a minute! The Dems insist that Obamacare is "established law." So are immigration laws optional, disestablished law? Democrats in Washington DC and in Cambridge MA say established laws are laws they like and want enforced, e.g., taxpayer grants for entitlements, benefits for same sex marriage, etc. But laws that they do not like or laws that are inconvenient are disestablished laws. It is the same for free speech and First Amendment protected speech. Liberals promote free speech for speech they like and censor speech they do not like. This is another example of the lawlessness of Obama. Selective enforcement of laws, unequal protection of laws is best practices for this misguided delusional group of government criminals.

Dem: Obama should consider stopping all deportations of illegal immigrants
By Justin Sink
10/25/13 10:47 AM ET

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