Friday, October 25, 2013

Cambridge MA Taxpayers Contribute to Harvard University FAS Fund Raiser

Harvard University regularly uses city owned land which Harvard University officials call the plaza. On October 23, 2103 Harvard University's development office, added to the usual tent on the overpass, with extensions, and huge heating units, which can be seen in this photo essay. Also seen are Harvard University campus police who do not have legal jurisdiction over non Harvard University property. 

Cambridge City officials usually look the other way when Harvard University officials abuse their powers. But the city cannot extend the jurisdiction of private police which derives from a state statute. James Q. Wilson died in 2012 at 80. He originated the broken windows theory of policing which dramatically reduced serious crime in New York City by addressing minor crimes. If that method is applied to police, politicians and Harvard University officials the question arises what serious crimes are being ignored by ignoring minor crimes, and malfeasance, like HUPD policing without jurisdiction, fund raising on city owned land?

These images also show the large structure makes it impossible for emergency fire and police vehicles to get through on the overpass.

It is common  knowledge that local, state and US laws, especially inconvenient laws are optional in Cambridge especially for Harvard officials. See also

the potential conflict of interest which was noted if Boston Mayor Thomas Menino took a job at Harvard. But the Cambridge City Manager, for 31 years,  Robert Healy  is, (and other former Cambridge Mayors are) employed at Harvard University with the same alleged conflicts.

Images captured on Friday, October 25, 2013 at about 4:30 PM, by Roy Bercaw.

[From article]
The festivities will begin Friday evening with an invitation-only reception in Annenberg Hall, followed by a dinner in the Science Center Plaza. Saturday’s program will begin early with an 8 a.m. breakfast in the Plaza[. . .]
Saturday’s speeches, [. . .] will be followed by a luncheon in the Science Center Plaza

Donors Descend on Cambridge for FAS Campaign Launch
Harvard CRIMSON STAFF WRITERSOctober 23, 2013

The monster tent erected on city land for the fund raising event for Harvard University's Faculty of Arts and Sciences on Friday, October 25, 2013.

Audio men preparing the equipment on the overpass.

Two Harvard University Campus police officers scanning the pedestrians and guarding the tent on city land. HUPD's jurisdiction ends at the university's property line according to state statute. The City government which enjoys doing favors for Harvard University cannot extend that jurisdiction. So what are HUPD campus officers doing on city land? Why aren't Cambridge police being paid for details? 

Hard to get a perspective on the enormity of this structure from ground level. 

One of six heating and cooling units for this tent.

These dials show the units can both heat and cool the tent.

Here's a side view of the heating unit in the narrow passageway left for pedestrians. 

Here's a view of the narrow passageway for a bicycle and pedestrians on city owned land.

HUPD campus officer turns away to hide his face.

You can see heavy glass doors for this tent just to the left of the man with the red cap. 

There is no passage at the west end of the overpass. Equipment and trucks block pedestrian passage. No way for emergency vehicles either. 

On the right of this image is the concrete barrier at the west end of the overpass. Fire and police vehicles cannot get through this end or on either side of the tent. Was this structure approved by any city or state safety agency? Looks like it was designed to permit the highest number of potential donors into the tent.

This shows how wide this structure is. HUPD officer hiding-his face can be see at top left of this image. 

These eight speakers will be used to broadcast the music from inside the tent to attract donors. 

Entrance to the tent which has a large screen almost the length of the tent divided into three screens for video during the fund raiser. There is a stage for the orchestra, the Mariachi band, and tables with chairs for the donors. 

This is a light structure for musicians outside of the tent continuing the mood as donors enter and leave the main event tent. Memorial Hall can be seen in the top right of this image. 

Looking west along the south side of this structure. On the left, about half way up in this image can be seen the covers for the electrical cables. Beyond that emergency vehicles cannot pass. Is this a potential fire hazard? 

This image is toward the science center of the east side of the structure. 

Another heating unit with equipment for the fund raiser. 

And another heating unit. 

Looking along the south side of the structure. Memorial Hall is in the center top. 

Harvard University moved the replacement temporary affordable housing plants for the local rodent population which resides on the overpass, city land.   

Concrete barrier at west end of the overpass, with truck and equipment blocking passage for pedestrians. 

Another view of the tent, affordable rodent housing and the Science Center in the top left of the image. 

Same view, images with length of south side of the tent.

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