Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rich Black People Whine About Racism, Black Police Harass Poor White People

Last time Mr. Sharpton threatened a boycott his obedient thugs burned down a Harlem store killing four. Police should keep this known inciter of violence under strict surveillance, instead of harassing government critics. Oh wait. Sharpton is reportedly an FBI informant. So he can threaten, burn and incite all he wants. FBI thugs are allowed to burn, to kill, to defame and to harass vulnerable elder citizens. Isn't that what the FBI is for? To attack racists on behalf of multi millionaire black celebrities? Way to go Barack. Divide. Divide. Divide.

Oct 26, 1:11 PM EDT

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[From article]
City College of Technology student Trayon Christian, 19, filed a civil rights lawsuit against the NYPD and Barneys New York, claiming he was racially profiled while shopping at the Madison Avenue store.
Christian said the store and police targeted him back in April because they didn’t think he could afford a $349 Ferragamo belt.
Christian said he had just been paid from his work-study job when he went to Barneys to purchase the belt back in April.[. . .]
Another shopper, 21-year-old Kayla Phillips, has filed a complaint with the city’s police watchdog agency, claiming she had a similar experience after buying a $2,500 Celine handbag in February.

So this college student, 19, on work study buys a $349 belt? Huh? And complains about racism? How many college students or poor white people who cannot afford college today are able to buy a $349 belt? Then another lady, 21, complains about racism after buying a $2500 purse? Are these two black geniuses greedy or what? Then there is retired drug dealer and "hip hop artist Jay-Z, who has a lucrative deal with Barneys New York[.]" Huh? (again). For 34 years the FBI broadcast character assassination against me in three states saying "He's a retired drug dealer." Local police conducted and still conduct relentless harassment, provocations, insults, humiliation, and ridicule in response to the FBI defamation. Yet Jay-Z is really a retired drug dealer, paid to promote merchandise at retail stores? Is it because he is black and I am white? Is that black racism by the FBI, the stores and police? I can hardly afford to buy a $10 belt. Why are these privileged young black people whining while police and FBI thugs harass me, relentlessly on property owned and operated by the President and Fellows of Harvard College. Have crime families taken control of the US government and Harvard University? Police harass me for defamation, but Jay-Z gets paid for being a drug dealer, and wealthy black people whine about racism? Policy to divide Americans is going well, Barack.

Discrimination Suit At Barneys New York Is Quickly Becoming Jay-Z’s Problem
Fans Want Hip Hop Mogul, Who Has Lucrative Deal With Store, To Take A Stand
October 25, 2013 7:25 PM

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