Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mandela's Legacy

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racial discrimination has reached alarming levels if it was any other minority group. It also explains why whites are being raped, tortured and murdered under the blanket excuse that it is just crime, but it does not explain the hours of torture they have to endure and where often nothing is stolen.
It will also explain why Afrikaner students are denied their right to education and why whites are being denied access to work and the economic sector through affirmative action and black Economic Empowerment.
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The double standards practiced by the UN are legendary, now the question remains if the global community will remain silent against the backdrop of the Genocide of the white minority.

No human or civil rights for the white minority or Afrikaner in South Africa
21 December 2011
By Sonia Hruska

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In his speech, the vice-president of the Brown Empowerment Movement, Mr. Peter Marais, appealed the South African government to do away with racial quotas that unfairly disadvantage everyone who is considered to be ‘non-black’. “For 19 years we had a vision of the promised land of milk and honey but 19 years later we drink a bitter wine, which is due to unrealistic expectations, vengeance, reversed racism and corruption.”
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Mr Pieter Vorster, Chairperson of the Afrikaner bond, gave the audience an insight into how the presence of minorities in South Africa is deliberately ignored and called upon all to see the truth even though it might be inconvenient.

From Zebra Nation to Rainbow Nation: A Conference on Minority rights in South Africa
November 27, 2013

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