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Journalists Remain in Denial About Black Teen Gangs Attacking White Individuals

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The senior told police that he did not know who had hit him and never talked with him. However, a short time later, the high school resource officer located the alleged suspect.
He told the high school resource officer "it's a game he and his friends play."

Hamden High School student arrested for playing 'knockout game'
Posted: Nov 27, 2013 1:28 PM EST
Updated: Nov 27, 2013 6:03 PM EST
By Joseph Wenzel IV, News Editor

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From a distance, the media can spot some lone idiot holding up an offensive sign at a tea party rally. But when it comes to black perp/white victim crime, there is a very different attitude. Consider the media reaction to the assault of three white girls on Halloween night, 2006, in Long Beach, Calif., just outside Los Angeles. Without provocation, a mostly black mob of 30 to 40 teens and adults brutally kicked, punched and pummeled three young white women, slamming them to the ground, ripping earrings from their lobes and beating them with a skateboard. One of the victims had 12 fractures in her face that required multiple surgeries, and had damage to her teeth and her eyesight. The women also suffered internal injuries and concussions. But for the efforts of a black good Samaritan, who waded into the crowd to help the girls, they might well have died.
The Los Angeles Times, the major metropolitan hometown paper, for one whole week did not write a single word about the Long Beach incident, which took place only twenty-some miles from the paper's headquarters. Eyewitnesses to the brutal attack reported many in the mob yelling, "We hate white people, f*** whites!" during the rampage.

Yet when authorities first charged 10 of the youths with felony assault a week later, they declined to file hate crime charges. When hate crime charges were filed against eight of the youths a full three weeks after the attack, the local NAACP branch said, "We do not have sufficient information to determine whether this is a true hate crime, and we just have to monitor this." One of the Long Beach defendant's uncles published a pamphlet explaining that "white bitches" -- another of the epithets allegedly hurled at the white victims -- is an acceptable phrase in some urban environments.

The Knockout Game -- NYT/NPR Say No Big Deal
By Larry Elder
November 28, 2013

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