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White House Lied About Meetings With Sebelius, Now Accused of Obstruction

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Moreover, as Peter Schweizer of the Government Accountability Institute says in a new report, Sebelius is the only Cabinet member who's had only a single meeting with Obama. Looking at White House visitor logs and other reliable records, Schweizer found only an April 2010 meeting with Sebelius — a meeting in which then-Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was also with the president. Yet the record shows 277 private meetings with other Cabinet secretaries.

Obama Hardly Meeting With Sebelius Explains A Lot
 Posted 12/05/2013 06:37 PM ET

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“The Department’s hostility toward questions from Congress and the media about the implementation of ObamaCare is well known,” the letter obtained by CBS News says. “The Department’s most recent effort to stonewall, however, has morphed from mere obstinacy into criminal obstruction of a congressional investigation.”

Issa Accuses Sebelius, Health Department Of ‘Criminal Obstruction’
December 12, 2013 11:26 AM

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Carney also claimed to reporters that Secretary Sebelius “is here a lot and meets with the President with regularity,” but he admitted he did not know how many one-on-one meetings Obama had with Sebelius.
If so, said Schweizer, “Why aren’t they listed? How many meetings took place and when did they occur?”
As Schweizer pointed out, “Obama’s calendar lists 277 one-on-one meetings between the President and his Cabinet Secretaries, including 73 with former Secretary Clinton and 57 with former Secretary Geithner.” Why not Sebelius? asked Schweizer.
The Politico Magazine update then posed the question at the heart of the controversy: “If Obama and Sebelius worked together closely and regularly, why did the President publicly state he did not know about the problems with”

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