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Russia Spent $1B on Mind Control Research

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Beginning in 1917 and continuing until 2003, the Soviets poured up to $1 billion into developing mind-controlling weaponry to compete with similar programs undertaken in the United States.
While much still remains classified, we can now confirm the Soviets used methods to manipulate test subjects’ brains.
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The paper outlines how the Soviets developed “cerpan”, a device to generate and store high-frequency electromagnetic radiation which was used to affect other objects.
“If the generator is designed properly, it is able to accumulate bioenergy from all living things – animals, plants, humans – and then release it outside,” the paper said.
The psychotronics program, known in the US as “parapsychology”, involves unconventional research into mind control and remote influence – and was funded by the government.
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The illegal research subjected humans to experiments with drugs, such as LSD, hypnosis and radiological and biological agents. Shockingly, some studies were conducted without the participant’s knowledge.
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He also doesn’t detail whether there are ongoing mind-control programs in the US or Russia, but there are suspicions.
Russian President Vladimir Putin made mention of futuristic weaponry last year in a presidential campaign article.
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In a more remote future, weapon systems that use different physical principles will be created (beam, geophysical, wave, genetic, psychophysical and other types of weapons). All this will provide fundamentally new instruments for achieving political and strategic goals in addition to nuclear weapons,” [Putin] wrote.

So is this evidence of the actual cause of the Navy Yard Shooting, where Aaron Alexis shot and killed 12 victims after complaining about being targeted by electromagnetic radiation weapons?

Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis driven by delusions
By Peter Hermann and Ann E. Marimow

Washington Post

Published: September 25, 2013

The government may be covering up their ongoing illegal experiments on unsuspecting civilians as they did in the 1970s and on less prominent occasions.  See, e.g., Ewen Cameron at McGill University, Michael D'Antonio's 
State Boys Rebellion.  They regularly use psychiatry as the panacea to discredit the victim and divert attention from the real culprits. Government researchers never admit unlawful use of human subjects or reveal the fact to persons in the government who would not remain silent. The U.S. government being the cause of random shooting of innocent civilians? Not this government. Ahh-hem!!

The USSR spent $1B on mind-control programs
By Jenni Ryall
New York Post
December 28, 2013 | 8:39am

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