Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black Teen Knockout, Attacks on White People

Knoxville West High School teen arrested for trying to set teacher on fire
Posted: Nov 25, 2013 4:50 PM EST Knoxville TN

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High School Student Arrested for Lighting Teacher on Fire
27 Nov 2013

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Anyone besides me notice there has been a rash of blacks setting white people on fire?

Why do blacks like to set white people afire?
Teen sets teacher on fire... in class!

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NYPD detective: Stay away from black people!
Former cop on knock-out attacks

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Are we too stubborn to realize that facing reality is essential to problem solving?

How to avoid a knock-out attack

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The truth is racial crimes occur in America every day. Nearly all are black-on-white and virtually all are ignored by the revisionist media. Black-on-white crimes simply don't fit their narrative of America's white privileged culture.
Below are a few of these crimes we were able to identify. Far more occur, but the local media frequently refuse to disclose the ethnicity of the perpetrator, victim, or both. The list begins June 16, 2013 and is updated more frequently at our host web site,
Here's a thought to keep in mind: If the cultural Marxism successfully distorts our perception of race relations in America -- white privilege imposed on non-whites -- imagine the gross distortions imposed by revisionism that restructures our nation's history to fit the 'racist' narrative.

Recent black-on-white crimes

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