Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cambridge Arts Festival 2014

The Cambridge River Arts Festival was held on Saturday June 7, 2014 on Mass Avenue between Prospect Street and Blanche Street, and along Sydney Street and part of Brookline Street. It appears that Memorial Drive and the banks of the Charles River were previously engaged. City Manager Richard Rossi was not  available for comment.

Some of the hungry crowd on Sydney Street waiting to be  served. 

One of several music venues of the festival 

Spoken word performers were present in strength

Hanging String Garden

Tae Kwon Do practice exhibit

Spooky moving sculpture

More spoken word performances

Two beautiful women show the benefits of good eating

Music was everywhere

Chalk it up to pavement expression

Battalion of first responders concentrated on Mass Avenue at the south end of the festival to prevent invasion from Boston. 

Extraordinary dancers

One of the exotic dance performances

You had to be there. This woman was walking in the middle of Prospect Street and Mass Avenue with traffic flowing.

This gentleman took in too much art and reluctantly was taken to the hospital. 

Dancers celebrating the end of their dance without falling down. 

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