Thursday, June 5, 2014

O'Keefe Catches Susan Sarandon's Agent in Anti Energy Sting

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The actress is seen at a film event suggesting that a representative meet with "Muhammad" -- an O'Keefe associate -- in her stead. The scene switches to a lunch meeting with Talbott, who positions himself as a conduit between the phony "Muhammad" and Sarandon.
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“If anyone wonders why I said some of the wacky things on the James O’Keefe video, I now have a response: I didn’t say them,” Begley Jr. told THR. “The un-edited version of the James O’Keefe tape tells a very different story.”

"a press release slamming O’Keefe as an 'ultra-right-wing deception fraudster'” Is that different from "ultra-left-wing deception fraudsters" like the White House PR flacks? "misinformation by the right wing" is different from "misinformation by the left wing?"

James O'Keefe Targets Susan Sarandon, Hollywood Environmentalists in New Sting Video
7:00 AM PDT 6/5/2014
by Paul Bond

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