Monday, June 2, 2014

Technology Run Amok, Police Clueless

Woman fell in love with an image online. She never met the man. A private investigator revealed the image was of a lawyer in Colorado. The name and address used by the scammer was of a psychiatrist. So a man was able to deceive a woman over many months using a name and address and an image which he got online pretending to be that person. The woman sent the man $190,000 over the time she was fooled. Local and state police remain clueless about stopping such scams. The FBI may have gotten involved since the amount was over their $75,000 threshold. What about people who suffer lesser damages? But also what about other technologies, some physically invasive, which are being used to torment civilians for personal and for political purposes? Unlike police agencies, which may not be as pure as Caesar's wife, criminals have no restraints on using such devices to harass, to provoke and to torment their targets. How many politicians, journalists, police and human services agency professionals are aware of such devices being used? How many of the above individuals use such devices and pretend they don't exist rendering the target being perceived as mentally ill?

Love Scams: "My Mother Chose Her Catfish over Her Family"
May 29, 2014

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