Saturday, June 21, 2014

Dragon Boat Festival 2014: 3 OF 3 The Crowd

The 35th Boston Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival was held on Sunday June 15, 2014 on the Charles River with cultural events on the Cambridge Banks near the Weeks Bridge. This is three of three posts of images from that event, The Crowd.

Red Cross vehicle with "Disaster"plates. Were they expecting a disaster? Or was this a PR effort advertising the new vehicle donated by new car dealer Herb Chambers to this charity, run by their $325,000 per year salary plus benefits CEO, former State Rep. and former State Senator Democrat Jarrett Barrios? Mr. Barrios left public office with a $500,000 campaign fund. It is not known what he did with it or if it remains collecting interest and used for possible future campaigns. 

Performance tent viewed from the Weeks Bridge. Is this footbridge named for Kevin Weeks, second in command of the Boston Bulger crime family? 

Some of the crowd on the Boston side of the Charles River, where the Dragon boats docked. 

Undocumented construction on the Weeks Bridge. It did not state if this was to make the bridge wheelchair accessible.

Looks like a craps table, with parents and toddlers playing.

Food trucks and walkers on Memorial Drive

Arts and crafts tables at the festival

Babies and parents planning strategy

Babies and parents watching the Dragon boats

The spirit moved this young man to dance to the music. 

Your tax dollars at work with colorful vehicle for the Department of Conservation and Recreation. It used to be the Metropolitan District Commission. 

Couple carrying their picnic supplies on their table top

Can you imagine? These three young people were having fun without electronic toys? Playing in the dirt can be fun? Look at their concentration!

This young lady was inspired to dance to the music.

Parent bicyclists, with wooden box for their daughter.

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