Friday, June 6, 2014

Cambridge Fire Dept. Saves $500 Million Renovations At Harvard Art Museum

At about 7:00 PM on Thursday June 5, 2014 the fire alarm sounded at the newly renovated ($500 million) Harvard Art Museum, formerly the Fogg Art Museum. Artists in residence were required to evacuate the building, and wait under the direction of the Cambridge Fire Department for the all clear before re-entering the building. Engine 1 responded from the headquarters station one block away. Harvard University's Fire Services Unit was on scene, as well as a Cambridge Police unit. 

Engine 1 parked on Broadway outside of the renovated Harvard Art Museum.

Artists in residence waiting outside for the Fire Department's all clear. 

Harvard University's Fire Safety van parked in the rear of 85 Prescott Street during the fire alert. 

Engine 1 packing up its equipment and getting ready to return to station.

Cambridge Polcie Unit parked at the Fire Headquarters during the museum fire check.

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