Thursday, September 25, 2014

PBS Feature on Computer Hacking Instructive

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WGBH-TV one of Boston MA PBS stations broadcast "Rise of the Hackers" on Wednesday September 24, 2014. Produced at BBC 2013 for NOVA

The use of last four digits of a credit card is revealed as part of a way to steal a person's identity. But some institutions and businesses use the last four digits of the Social Security Numbers, which makes it easier to establish the entire number. Other institutions use the first five digits and make it even easier to learn the entire SSN. One university uses SSNs for student IDs, which is a reckless system. They claim arrogantly their system is unbreakable. Huh?

In the discussion the narrator states that the Stuxnet malware program was the first cyber weapon. How does he know that? Stuxnet may be the first cyber weapon exposed as a weapon. But there may be others that were operating and may have operated without detection.

Later the narrator says, "In todays digital world no one is sure who is hacking who . . . whether it's criminals, teenagers or even governments."

Algorithm using sub prime numbers permit private online transactions. Quantum computing for new computers may defeat the protection of use of sub prime numbers. Antidotes is use of quantum cryptography.

Ultra-paranoid computing is recommended in order to protect your data on any of your devices from being hacked. Do you hear that psychiatric industry!

Even iris scanners, and fingerprint scanners can be fooled by theft or copying. What I always got a laugh at was at the genius bar at the Apple store when the young smart behinds would say, "The only way someone knows your password is if you give it to them." Huh? Oh, Hahaha.

One solution is muscle memory using basal ganglia. After enough practice a participant can leave the lab knowing something that they don't know that they know.

People are the weak link in protecting complex systems using computers and technology.

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