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Testimonies About Pistorius

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He was always more than ready to use a gun. He once told us of how he accidentally ran over a dog when speeding through a township. When he saw it injured and dragging its back legs, he got out of his car, walked over to the dog and shot it in the head, leaving the owner horrified. Once he let his gun off in a crowded restaurant. He insisted it was an accident, and one of his friends took the blame.
Because he always got away with it, I think he felt he was untouchable. If only someone, one of his family or his management, had made him face up to his behaviour and got him to seek help.

'Towering rages. Other women. Lies. Why I feared gun-crazy Pistorius would kill my daughter,' by the mother of his ex-girlfriendTrish's daughter Sammy, then 16, met Pistorius, then 22, in August 2010
They soon started dating and the athlete became like Trish's third son
But the cracks soon began to appear: he became critical and controlling
She found he 'could fabricate the truth as easily as most people breathed'
He would scream so loud on phone to Sammy it could be heard next door
Once, he even ‘playfully’ bit her, leaving her with bruising and a bite mark
While at Olympics, Oscar would phone Trish crying - distraught and lonely
But if she text to give support, he replied: ‘Please don't contact me again'
In November 2012, they finally cut Oscar out of their family's life for good
Trish warned: ‘Something really bad is going to happen, Oscar - and soon'
A week later, he was dating Reeva - three months later, she was dead
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 18:43 EST, 12 September 2014 | UPDATED: 02:08 EST, 13 September 2014

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Killer Oscar Pistorius has been exposed as a paranoid love cheat who had multiple affairs behind Reeva Steenkamp's back during their relationship.
The Blade Runner was convicted yesterday of culpable homicide, escaping the more serious charge of murder for shooting his girlfriend on Valentines’ Day last year.
But at sentencing next month, he could simply be fined - avoiding a 15-year jail term – after Judge Thokozile Masipa ruled there was a lack of evidence to suggest he planned the killing.

Killer and a love rat: Oscar Pistorius exposed as 'serial cheat who had affairs behind Reeva Steenkamp's back during their stormy relationship'
Oscar Pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide yesterday
He cheated on Reeva Steenkamp with a string of girlfriends before killing her
Paralympian dated Sam Taylor until three months before model's death
He was also linked to Jenna Edkins, Erin Stear and Anastasia Khozissova
Double amputee also broke up with long-term girlfriend Vicky Miles that year
He will be sentenced at a hearing on October 13 and could escape with a fine
PUBLISHED: 04:16 EST, 13 September 2014 | UPDATED: 11:59 EST, 13 September 2014

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