Monday, September 1, 2014

Police Shoot Dead Kansas Man, Civil Rights Activists Silent

Al "Mr. FBI" Sharpton, Jesse "Show me the money" Jackson, Eric "White people are cowards" Holder, Barack "Typical white person" Obama, Chris "Tingles" Matthews, Tom Perez, CAIR remain silent after this police shooting. Are they all racists? 

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You probably haven’t heard about the case of Joseph Jennings, the unarmed Ottawa, Kansas 18 year old who was shot 16 times by police on August 23. Eric Holder is not outraged, nor is Al Sharpton. The town of Ottawa has experienced no riots or even protest marches.
After all, Jennings is only a Caucasian, and there is no profit to be had for the left in hyping an injustice done to a “white boy.”

August 31, 2014
Kansas cops fatally shoot unarmed teen 16 times, media and DoJ silent
By Thomas Lifson

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