Tuesday, September 16, 2014

US Judge Finds ATF Treated Undercover Agent Poorly, Same ATF Created Fast and Furious Scandal

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After a costly six-year legal battle, Judge Francis Allegra, with the federal claims court in Washington, D.C., chastised the ATF for failing to adequately protect Dobyns and his family from the gang.
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Dobyns' house also was burned down in 2008 with his wife and children sleeping inside -- his family escaped unharmed. In the case, Dobyns said the ATF accused him of starting the fire. The arsonist was never caught.
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A 2007 settlement, reached after Dobyns first claimed the agency improperly investigated and protected his family against threats, awarded him $373,000.
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The ATF managers involved in the case happen to be the same senior officials in Arizona who mishandled the Operation Fast and Furious case -- the botched anti-gunrunning sting -- including Agent in Charge Bill Newell and his assistant George Gillett.
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Dobyns, a decorated agent, best-selling author and former star football player at the University of Arizona, joined ATF out of college. During his first week on the job at age 26, Dobyns was shot. He fell in love with undercover work, and was asked to infiltrate the Hells Angels.
Shaving his head, getting "fully sleeved" with tattoos shoulder to wrist, bulking up and essentially leaving his family behind, Dobyns became Jay "Bird" Davis, a chain-smoking, Harley-riding renegade.


Judge rebukes ATF over treatment of agent who infiltrated Hells Angels
By William La Jeunesse, Laura Prabucki
Published September 16, 2014

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