Wednesday, July 23, 2014

FL Law Professor Shot Dead in His Home

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And the respected scholar's friends were equally distraught.
'It doesn’t make sense on any level. But at least the initial theory was that it was some kind of robbery gone wrong, which is awful, but at least makes sense,' said Michael McCann, a friend who teaches law at the University of New Hampshire.
'This has become a story that no longer makes sense. If, in fact, he was somehow targeted, I literally just cannot understand that.'

'He was the intended target': Police in Florida admit they are baffled by murder of Harvard-educated professor Dan Markel after divorced father-of-two shot dead in apparent 'assassination'
Professor Dan Markel, 41, was found with a gunshot wound to the head in his Tallahassee home on Friday morning
There was no sign of robbery or break-in and Markel passed away on Saturday
Markel was educated at Harvard and Cambridge and is a law expert
Currently teaches at Florida State University and his friends say he 'had no enemies'
His divorced wife, Professor Wendi Adelson, who teaches at the same university, is 'distraught'
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 15:45 EST, 22 July 2014 | UPDATED: 09:43 EST, 23 July 2014

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