Tuesday, July 15, 2014

TV Reporter Suspended For Saying Violence Due to Fatherless Black Youth

Sean Bergin

This is another example of spinelessness among leadership. Daniel Patrick Moynihan said the exact same thing when he was U.S. Senator from New York. John Diiulio at Princeton was quoted in the New York Times saying the same thing as far back as 1991. Other studies have verified this as fact. It applies not only to black children. But the percentage is extremely higher among black families than Hispanic, whites or Asians. So here is the barrier to solving serious problems in the United States. Truth is being denied by spineless leaders. Roger Morris observed in his book, Partners in Power about the Clintons that all leadership positions are being filled with weak people with relaxed rectitude. It makes it easier to corrupt the corporations, government agencies, or institutions. Yes even prominent academic institutions. Read some of the college sites about weak college presidents too. 

[From article]
News 12 reporter Sean Bergin made a controversial statement about “young black men” on TV Monday and now he has reportedly been suspended.
The regional News 12 Networks, which serve New York and New Jersey, ran a story (above) about Jersey City Police Officer Melvin Santiago, who was fatally wounded in a shootout at a Jersey City Walgreens on Sunday. The network interviewed angry residents in the segment, many of whom weren't very sensitive to the police officer's death.
“We were besieged, flooded with calls from police officers furious that we would give media coverage to the life of a cop killer,” Bergin said. “It's understandable. We decided to air it because it's important to shine a light on this anti-cop mentality that has so contaminated America's inner cities.”
Then Bergin began editorializing.


TV Reporter Suspended After Rant About Fatherless ‘Young Black Men’

By Travis Reill
July 15, 2014

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