Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How Palestinians Distort News

Palestinian Arabs are always showing the world just part of the picture, but...what about the other part?
Look at the picture published in the international press (top) and see the real picture (bottom). Feel free to share with anyone who believes the international press!

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it was surprising for some when the BBC on Tuesday led the charge in exposing phony Palestinian claims of Israeli violence.
Every major escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is accompanied by a campaign on sites like Facebook and Twitter to make the Jewish state look as hostile and bloodthirsty as possible.
The most effective way of achieving this goal is to post photographs purportedly showing innocent Palestinians wounded, maimed and killed or buildings destroyed in Israeli military operations.
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More often than not, these photographs are false, as they either depict a different flare-up than the current one or were taken somewhere else entirely.
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PHOTO: This photo was posted thousands of times on Twitter with claims that it showed innocent Palestinians in Gaza fleeing from Israeli bombardment. In fact, the photo was taken by the AFP last month in Aleppo, Syria.

BBC Exposes Phony Palestinian Claims of Israeli Aggression
Tuesday, July 08, 2014
Israel Today Staff

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