Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Harvard University Construction Is Done. It Must Be A Dream

A regular meeting of the Cambridge Planning Board. Town gown meetings are held in the Senior Center.

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7:30 AM Wednesday July 16, 2014. Loud banging noise outside my window, which faces the new Harvard Art Museum, formerly the Fogg Museum. A few months ago at a town gown meeting with the City of Cambridge Planning Board, Harvard University's PR flacks announced, boasted that construction is done on the Museum project bringing relief to neighbors who endured three years of construction noise. Problem is that construction was not finished. The mitigation team told me they meant to say "outside" construction. But that was not, and is not done either. I used to attend those meetings and video tape them for city residents. I've seen how Harvard University's PR flacks stretch the truth just as well as the President's PR flacks mislead the nation. 

Video of 2008 Town Gown Harvard University presentation

Previous discussions with the mitigation team requested (three times) that if it was necessary to park large noisy trucks on Broadway which is a "No Stopping" zone on both sides of Broadway, why can't they park on the museum side? Their usual first response is "Why are you the only one [who complains]?" I've seen trucks back into the driveway next to the former Sackler Museum and park on the museum side of Broadway. It can be done. Yes, they can. Cambridge police allow these repeated traffic violations, because they are Harvard University, which has a special constitutional exemption from complying with inconvenient laws. It is the same exemption enjoyed by Obama-Holder-Johnson in Washington DC. 

Example of how Harvard University spins their facts from 2007
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Nonetheless it is annoying and shows how arrogant Harvard University and their mitigation teams are. The last time they told me (as the PR flacks told city officials) that the construction is done, and that the museum is no longer the responsibility of the mitigation team.  Harvard University operations, which is the Harvard University campus police, is who I should call. They are even more abusive, if that is possible, than Harvard University Housing which ignores laws and tenants' rights every day. When I did call the operations officials, they told me to call the mitigation office. At many meetings with city officials Harvard University representatives make promises that they will perform one or another act in the future. But no one ever follows up to see if they do. It is why Harvard University is able to say anything at these meetings and no one ever checks to see if what they say is accurate. Just as the main stream media fails to ensure what the Obama-Holder-Johnson triumvirate says has any connection to reality. Oh wait. Did Obama attend Harvard Law School or something like that? 

So instead of wasting my time calling to any of the Harvard University employees wasting my energy, and not needing to be insulted any more by their omniscient employees, I decided to post these images for all to see how deceptive, misleading and abusive Harvard University is, with all of its money and all of its prestige. With all of its progressive credentials, generating politicians who led the nation into its current despair, cynicism and disgust, the most prominent university in America is no different than most corporations in the world. But Harvard University has a better image.

Metal pneumatic arms of the truck used to lift the dumpster seen below. You can see a Skanska construction employee wearing his bright Skanska vest. Skanska is the company which managed the three-year-$500 million renovation. 

Here is the dumpster which was dropped on Broadway next to the residential building, after construction was "done." Ahem! This is a "No Stopping" zone on Broadway

Here is the cab of the truck with its pneumatic lift arm showing.

The lift arms with the loading dock for the museum in the background. 

Skanska employee walking toward the museum. His vest says "Skanska."

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