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Houston Shooter Had History of Domestic Abuse,

Total tragedy: This photograph is shows Stephen Stay, 39 and Katie Stay, 34 and their five children, including their heroic 15-year-old daughter, Cassidy, (left to right) Rebecca, seven, Emily, nine, Zachary, four and Bryan, 14

Physical therapist, mental therapist, what difference at this point does it make, said Hillary? And anyway the mind and the body are the same thing no? Physical illnesses, mental illnesses, all billable the same? I have an idea, why not let psychiatrists make determinations about who is violent and who is not. Then we can lock up all the dangerous people and have a polite respectful society. All hail the psychiatrists. Oh wait, was this guy taking psychiatric drugs and stopped taking them? I guess the violence was not caused by the drugs. And maybe he was abused when he was young. It must be caused by mental illness. But, but liberals blame guns. Maybe it was guns and mental illnesses that did it. No more evil in America. Oh wait, Muslims say we are the great Satan. So um, why did he do it? Was it global warming?

This needless mass murder is similar to the murder in a Boston suburb by Jared Remy, who had a court hearing on a domestic abuse charge but was released by a judge the day before he killed his wife. The Houston shooter was waiting for a hearing on July 25, this year for a fourth restraining order. No one was watching him until after he killed six including four children, and wounded  another. 

But in the academic city on a hill, Cambridge MA, host city of Harvard University, MIT and Lesley University local and state police, and the state $2 billion a year taxpayer funded human services industry, permit crime families, police employees, and Communists from foreign jurisdictions and from local municipalities, to conduct a relentless campaign of criminal harassment, ridicule, humiliation, provocation, insults, character assassination, sleep disturbances, computer tampering of a 70-year-old white man who they say is "crazy." It is how elitists treat vulnerable citizens. 

Obama fine tuned how to deceive others in Cambridge, at Harvard Law School. Oh and after 43 years of similar criminal abuses, the bottom feeders of Harvard University campus police took a turn at harassing the same man for about six years. Now in July 2014 it is Communists and black racist homosexuals and lesbian feminists from Washington State. Charming groups of people in this country. Do Republicans run Cambridge, Harvard University and the state government of Massachusetts? 

Question arises why these police bullies attack a 70-year-old white man. The federal government destroyed his life in 1973 when government psychiatrists drugged him for 80 consecutive days using hallucinogens contrary to law. They thought he was a spy. After impairing him the FBI scared him and used him for 15 years to fight organized crime and did not pay him. The FBI abandoned him, and coordinated five crime families who took turns  attacking and retaliating against the same man. The FBI joined the character assassination broadcast by police, Communists and crime families. So why do they still harass this guy after 44 years? The answer must be money. Who stole the money and who stole the women? Before this began I always had  wonderful women to spend my time. But since the drugging and 44 years of subsequent abuses I've been surrounded by hateful and hostile homosexuals and lesbians, racist black people and homicidal Palestinians, and predator bully police employees. How much money and how many women, are the unknown details. Who got which women and how much money? Those are the questions for now. Got answers?

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The bullet meant to kill Cassidy only fractured her skull, and investigators say the teen played dead until her uncle left. Afterward, she called 911 for help.
Investigators say Cassidy put up her hand when she was shot, deflecting the bullet just enough to change its trajectory and save her life. We're told she lost a finger in the shooting.
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"The parties agree that Ms. Haskell will have primary physical custody with the parties having joint legal custody. Mr. Haskell will have a breaking parent time period working into standard visitation. Mr. Haskell's parent time will be supervised until such time that his physical therapist can report that the respondent is no longer a threat to the children," the judge wrote.

Violent past of alleged mass shooting gunman Ronald Lee Haskell
Author: Nakia Cooper, Sr. Web Editor
Published On: Jul 10 2014 07:06:17 PM CDT Updated On: Jul 11 2014 10:20:42 AM CDT

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