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Radio Talk Show Host Attacked in NYC, Fired For Complaining

Many of the comments under this story attribute an extreme reaction to having one's picture taken innocently, to a particular racial group. There was a similar incident in California, where a group of Hispanic people beat to death a small Asian woman for including without wanting to some people in her photos of her friends while waiting in line for a movie theater. Once a white man who I knew vaguely, ripped a camera from my hand and smashed it on the ground with his boot. He thought I took his photo when I did not. It is an irrational reaction by people of all kinds. Alex Baldwin, a famous television star attacked photographers, as well as John Kennedy, Jr. It is legal to take photos of people if they are on a public street. That is what makes this story so awful. The talk show host did nothing illegal and he was not working at the time. Yet the spineless corporate leaders fired him. Shameful how little support there is for unpopular protected speech in this country. 

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The dominoes began falling Tuesday night, after midnight. The black woman in a mini-skirt who punched Cumia in the face in Times Square in Manhattan and called him a “white motherfucker” probably did not know he was a national radio personality. To her, “Ant” was just a white photographer taking her picture. And she did not like that.
Cumia liked being attacked even less. He called her lots of names -- the kind that would have gotten him fined had he said them on the air during his stint as a terrestrial radio star. But no N-bombs.
That is all he did: “I knew not to put my hands on her,” he tweeted. “Never felt my life was threatened. Was ultra pissed. Called her bad words. Then she punched me 5 more times,” Then five blacks started giving me shit!”
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at National Public Radio. Admittedly, Ira Glass of "This American Life" was not being punched in the face at the time, but he had no problems keeping his cool when a black female graduate of Yale Law School told her story about how she routinely bullied white people. Both before and after law school.
“I was going to the movies with another black friend, she was also from Yale,” said Jenna McDonald. “And there was a long line. We were like ‘let’s jump the line, these white people, they are going to be scared of us.’ So we went to the front of the line. It was like ‘yeah, you want to try me? I’m black.’ That usually works in New York. But these people were ready to rip our hair out and they were white. I couldn’t believe it.”
“I was shocked,” she said. “These were white people? And they’re not scared of us?”
“It was humiliating because we were supposed to be the scary ones.”
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Former prison psychologist Marlin Newburn has been on the front lines of this kind of racial violence for 30 years. Usually the victims do not speak out because they are afraid of becoming victims a second time -- exactly like Cumia.
“Anthony experienced an assault from one of America's most protected classes of people, the black street predator,” Newburn said. “The latter has the impulse control and emotional maturity level of a preadolescent, and animal instincts that react violently to any trivial imposition or insult -- real or imagined. The MSM quickly comes to its defense without thought to its non-black victims. Predator-enabling at its worst.”


July 7, 2014
Anthony Cumia Gets Attacked... then Fired.
By Colin Flaherty

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White guy takes pictures in black neighborhood, gets attacked over and over
Taking selfies in the “ghetto,” a euphemism for a black neighborhood. When young black males think their picture is being, many immediate resort to physical violence.
July 2, 2014

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