Friday, July 18, 2014

Modest Proposal To End Invasion Of Illegal Aliens

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The excellent award-winning film El Norte, produced over 30 years ago, dramatically portrayed the oppressive conditions in Guatemala and what happens to adults who rise up against them. It was much harder back then for refugee orphans – those whose parents had actually been killed or jailed by the government – to make their way north. Human- and drug-smuggling weren’t big businesses back then.
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The presidents and/or diplomats of those countries, all of whom live very high on the hog, must immediately find a way to return these children to their families or loved ones back home, using, if necessary, the funds that the USA has futilely lavished on their corrupt governments over many years.
Thirdly, if the leaders balk, they should be told that the flow of cash from the USA to their fiefdoms will come to an immediate end.

July 15, 2014
America the Gullible
By Doris O'Brien

El Norte on YouTube

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