Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cambridge MA Job Creation

Newly purchased trees (images captured August 16, 2011) await planting on Felton Street in Cambridge where city officials just ended their search for bodies and body parts in potential FBI-Bulger mass burial sites.
One thing that Cambridge City government does well, is support local businesses, at least some local businesses. When it comes to landscaping the city approves the cutting down of old growth trees, and replaces them with young trees. Then they cut down the new trees and put up newer ones. It is great for business. Harvard cooperates in this one area of job creation by employing the same company that sells and replaces the trees, to testify on their behalf before city boards and commissions. He is a native from Cambridge so no one can challenge his opinions paid for by Harvard. If he was black, homosexual or a lesbian he would get no scrutiny at all. As it is few people have the courage to question this expert landscaping vendor. The foolish who do ask questions are admonished by the chairmen of the boards and commissions. Cambridge's motto is "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Else the police will visit you with some FBI informants and take what they want including but not limited to your health and wealth."

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