Thursday, August 11, 2011

City Council Tests Model for Official Local Transportation

Cambridge City Council, is testing newer model vehicles for local transportation. The Assistant City Manager for Elected Officials' Special Services explained, "This will allow the city to protect the Councilors from any disgruntled citizens who still believe their votes count. Let them eat Bartley Burgers," he added. This is an image of the favored vehicle for local transportation from the Councilors' modest homes to the City Council meetings. One candidate from North Cambridge said, "I want to get me one of them stretch limos, so that I can party with potential voters as I travel to meetings."
The Chairman of the Cambridge and Somerville Democratic Party Ethical Practices Committee announced at her weekly press conference at the Charles Hotel, "All Democrats need to have majestic transportation in order to impress the voters. Obama understands this. But City officials who live in the past, are in denial. Cambridge voters can distinguish between winners and losers who drive older model vehicles. Elitist voters in Cambridge and Somerville demand their elected officials ride above the crowds. We elect them because they are not ordinary."

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