Monday, August 15, 2011

FOX25 WFXT-TV Boston MA Bias

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Young college grads and students work as interns at media companies bringing their sometimes Stalinist Political Correctness with them. On a previous occasion a report on FOX25 (WFXT-TV) News in Boston about crime included the pervasive "history of mental illness" of a suspect. I spoke with a young man who said he was "assignment editor" at the station. I asked why that phrase was included in the report. Did he think that mental illness causes crime, I asked. He said some do. I asked which ones in general caused crime and which ones were applied to the suspect? He was stumped and agreed to change the report. Some FOX25 on air personalities told me "I just read what they write." to explain why they included the phrase.

Responding to the example in this video clip, when I called FOX 25 in August 2011, I think it was the same young man I spoke to previously. He put me on hold when I identified myself explaining why I called. I tried again and he put me on hold again. I called a third time and left a message for their latest News Director, Paul McGonagle. He is the third FOX25 News Director in a row to whom I wrote actual letters about this issue. They indicate they are clueless and not skeptical about psychiatry.

I worked in radio during college. Newsmen used the same technique for annoying listeners. They put the caller on hold. Not much has changed in the house of news gatherers for over 50 years. There are protected groups which are portrayed as victims: homosexuals, Black Americans, and women. Individuals do not matter, only members of groups. Because they are victims, members of these groups may not be criticized by non members. The Boston Herald and other news outlets have added a fourth group of victims, i.e., Muslims. Criticizing them is a major offense among interns.

Persons with disabilities are not victims. They are not entitled to protection from criticism. Police, prosecutors, lawyers, and journalists demonize them due to their biases. For a worse journalistic abuse about this incident in the Boston Herald see these entries on companion blog at

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