Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wasserstein Hall, Harvard Law School

Wasserstein Hall on Mass Avenue at Everett Street, Harvard Law School's newest mass production line looks almost finished. The sidewalks and the external walls appear complete. But signs announce the building is closed and that construction continues inside. Can the United States wait much longer for more Harvard lawyers to make policy, to make political kings and to create program that will continue to lead the country to its, . . . uh, where is this going? This building replaced the Everett Street garage, an apartment building and three wooden buildings that were moved to Mellon Street and Mass Avenue.

Is this arch a tribute to former Professor Archibald Cox?

If you look hard you can see the name "Wasserstein" chisled above the arch.

Another concrete bench sits nearby just like the one at Pound Hall.

This is the entrance at Jarvis Street and Mass Avenue.

Mass Avenue side of Wasserstein Hall looking toward Everett Street.

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