Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Clouds Over Cambridge MA

Each day nature puts on her free show in the sky. Sometimes with clouds, sometimes without. But the show is reliable. When there is no sun the clouds perform alone in shades of gray. With the sun it provides a spectrum of colors. Here is one day's show over Cambridge MA on August 16, 2011.

Cirrus clouds with jet contrails. One plane's new creations (thinest line) in progress can be seen.

Cirrus clouds.

Wispy cirrus clouds, in motion.

Wavey cirrus clouds.

Cirrus clouds with older contrails.

Pink stratus clouds.

Pink alto cumulus clouds.

Alto stratus pink with dark gray contrast clouds.

Alto cumulus pink babies, with gray stratus

Large pink alto cumulus

Gray cumulus with pink alto cumulus

Pink and gray alto stratus

Pink, gray, orange and white stratus, and cumulus

White alto stratus, gray strato cumulus

Strato cumulus and cirrus

Cirrus, alto stratus and stratus

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