Tuesday, August 30, 2011

For Your Driving Pleasure

Because Cambridge only got some wind and light rain from Hurricane Irene, the only damage was a few dozen fallen tree branches. To compensate for the deprivation of suffering, here's what the thoughtful City government arranged for those of you who drive a vehicle along Cambridge Street. It is time for repaving using taxpayer funds sent to the city by Friends of Obama. Trucks galore, scraping up the old asphalt, and covering the with the new. Look at all the different kinds of trucks. The are almost as many kinds of trucks as there are kinds of people. Is this more proof of how diverse Cambridge is? Images captured on Tuesday August 30, 2011 at about 9:30 AM.

Cambridge sanitation truck joins the parade.

An ambulance makes an appearance, with a post-hole shovel, plow??

A sweeper truck jumps off the flatbed.

Close up of the sweeper.

Cambridge Fire Department gets in the parade too.

This contraption has several functions. It deals cards for black jack too.

CRLS construction crew mixes it up with the road crews.

This one scrapes, crushes, mixes cold drinks and makes music too.

A thing of beauty is the new groove on Cambridge Street.

The orange digger truck forces its way onto the road challenging the white multi function truck and a smaller yellow dog. One more search for Bulger bodies.

Making the groove and stripping the asphalt.

The groove, the dust and no puddles.

The RX-10 Roadtec gives rough foot massages as you walk behind it. There were no takers while was I there.

CRLS crew struggles to hide their Wheel of Fortune after removing the fences.

The Lull is not part of the road crew. This is one of CRLS's contractors. He hides his face from his ex-wife who thinks he is unemployed.

This is the medium sized scraper and shaper. It pushes the dust into neat piles.

Once again the music maker, drink mixer, groove digger, and dust shooter.

You can see the asphalt dust being shot into the dump truck.

Here's a close up.

Asphalt dust makes more dust.

These are CRLS supply trucks awaiting orders on Felton Street.

Dump truck with accessory trailer waiting in the shade.

Dump trucks sitting on the wrong side of the street because there are no spaces on the right side. Bus stops are natural staging areas.

Ordinary traffic struggles to get through the truck traffic.

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