Friday, August 5, 2011

Dunster Street Excavation

Cambridge officials cooperate with federal officials who expand their investigation of the Bulger crime family. This is a view of Dunster Street in the center of Harvard Square, surrounded by Harvard University buildings and Harvard people. The search for bodies and body parts hidden by James Bulger and his loyal Cambridge crews found no new bodies that the city or feds wanted to admit. Popular media standards are that Bulger buried all of his bodies in Quincy. But close former associates suggest that Bulger may have been able to hide some bodies unknown to his FBI handlers in the Cambridge area. This Dunster Street excavation joins the CRLS site, the Felton Street site and the massive Fogg Museum property in Cambridge. Cambridge police policy is to reveal information only if there is a need for civilians to know it. Currently police believe that civilians have no need to know anything.

One high ranking police official said, "Cambridge residents are highly educated, but lack common sense. They're too stupid to know what to do with the information we give them in any case. I don't know nothing," he added.

Assistant City Manager for Street Paving said, "This was a simple repaving operation. No search for any Bulger bodies."

A Harvard Square observer said, "Public officials lie. They always have some story that covers up what they are really doing. Bulger is very popular in Cambridge."

This sign exposes the real reason for the digging. Investigators want to make upscale castings of the body parts.

A smooth roadbed is all that remains after the deep digging along Dunster Street.

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