Saturday, August 6, 2011

Obama's Early Political Years in Chicago Two Parts

[Comments by jbranstetter04] I hate to rain on the Obama Zombie's parade, but this man is just another politician at best. In fact I would say that he is worse than the typical politician because his political upbringing was in Chicago, the capital of corruption in the United States.

If this man is such a reformer, then why did he do absolutely nothing about the corruption in Chicago, even when he had the chance? The reason is simple, if he had tried, then he might have been defeated by the corrupt political machine in Chicago and his political future would have ended. This proves that it is, and always has been, only about Barack Obama.

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Even in early Chicago years, Obama was ambitious, pragmatic, strategic
By Margaret Talev
McClatchy-Tribune News Service

Part One of Two

Part Two of Two

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