Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Enhancing Driver Pleasure In Cambridge

Cambridge MA, host city to Harvard University and MIT claims to be a diverse city. But here is evidence that they openly discriminate against people who do not read English. While some cities publish all official business in many languages Cambridge has their street signs only in English. This is shameful. It shows that the City Council talks the talk but does not walk the walk when it comes to making Cambridge a hospitable city for immigrants. In spite of official city policy as a sanctuary city the City Council requires drivers, even those without licenses, to read street signs in English. Listen to the deafening silence of compassionate Democrats who rule the city and the state. Diversity is only a talking point for these one party governments.

See finished product below.

Here's what the finshed product looks like. This paving job was done well. The asphalt meets the sidewalk and there are no lips which create barriers to persons who use wheelchairs and to persos with strollers, and/or wheeled luggage carriers.

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